Apollo 13 - BATS Theatre

Theatreview | Helen Sims | October 2008

Apollo 13 has potential in abundance. It is hugely entertaining. It is booked out for the rest of its STAB season, but watch out for re-launches in the future.



Theatreview | Thomas LaHood | 19 Oct 2008

This is truly an achievement, and clearly a labour of love. One only has to set foot in the space to feel that, and that single "wow!" is quite enough reason to go along. While it’s easy to see where the show could - and quite possibly will ,as the season continues - go further in terms of audience participation, there is still a lot of fun to be had with the knobs and dials provided, if you use your imagination. And if the show can encourage its audiences to do that… then it is a success indeed.



Capital Times | Lynn Freeman | 22 Oct 2008

APOLLO 13 is astonishing.



Dominion Post | Laurie Atkinson | 25 Oct 2008

In a lifetime of theatergoing in this city I have never seen anything quite like Apollo 13: Mission Control. It is a truly amazing production.


Cosmic trek bravely goes where no play has before

Waikato Times | Donna Walsh | July 2009

Cheers erupt ... we’ve bought them home. Handshakes, and pats on the back. We did it.



Theatreview | Vanessa Byrnes | 21 Jul 2009

This play is a wee treat. The main attraction is a great design; both expansive in its scope, and well detailed in function and aesthetic. It's not often you get to sit at the consoles of Houston Mission Control and play with working equipment while being disruptive, interactive, and involved in how the drama unfolds.



Theatreview | Nik Smythe | 2 Aug 2009

Ingenious devices both technological and theatrical are employed throughout to both replicate the tension of a genuine crisis whilst ultimately leading to a satisfying solution.


APOLLO 13: Mission Control at Aotea Centre

NZ Herald | Paul Simei-Barton | Aug 03, 2009

The launch sequence is brought alive by a bone-rattling soundtrack and some awesome close-up footage of the explosive Saturn Five rockets. By the time the mishap occurs in the ship’s oxygen tanks, it is easy to believe that the fate of those courageous astronauts lies in the hands of a befuddled audience who are randomly flicking switches on their consoles and trying to make sense of the mind-boggling technical data that surrounds them.


Houston we have a problem - is this a play?

National Business Review | John Daly-Peoples | Friday August 7 2009

This is a great piece of theatre and the audience which spanned all ages from around ten to even older appeared to be captivated. It’s also an ideal piece to introduce children to the entrancing magic of theatre.


Space Oddity

Listener | Frances Edmond | Aug 2009

It is a brilliant piece of interactive theatre; in conception and execution it is a splendid mix of the real, the imagined and an artfully managed creative mayhem.



Theatreview | February 27, 2010

No-one should deny themselves the opportunity to participate in (go on, you know you want to), or just observe (yes, there is space for you too), Apollo 13: Mission Control. It plans to travel the world and it deserves to.


Review: Apollo 13: Mission Control

Dominion Post | March 1, 2010

This homegrown production, which is one for the whole family, stands up equal to many creative shows from overseas. If you have to get to the Moon to get a ticket for this show then do so, as it's one not to be missed at all costs.


Houston, we have audience participation

Sydney Morning Herald | Jason Blake | March 24, 2010

I defy anyone not to feel an adrenalin surge as the rockets ignite



Theatreview | November 1, 2010

The Apollo 13 mission was termed a “successful failure.” Apollo 13: Mission Control is without doubt a roaring success.



Theatreview | November 1, 2010

Three is a magical number – it’s always the third wish, the third son or the third try that wins the day. This is Wellington’s third chance to see Apollo 13. If you missed outings one and two, don’t pass up this magic gift. And if you have seen it before, I doubt you will need any convincing from me to give it another whirl.


Review: Apollo 13: Mission Control

Word On the Street | November 6, 2010

Seeing it a second time, you notice the obsessive attention to detail; the set itself represents a significant technical achievement, as does the seamless inclusion of live and prerecorded video elements. But even knowing how it all worked and being prepared for the narrative arc doesn’t stop you from once again being transported back to your ten year old self. For a short while there you’re in the moment, in Mission Control. You have an important job to do, and when it’s all over you’ve helped bring three astronauts safely back to Earth.



The Daily Telegraph | Alex Lalak | December 29, 2010

The wonderful interactive Apollo 13 at the Sydney Opera House


Performances seared into the memory

Sydney Morning Herald | Jason Blake December | 29, 2010

10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... The launch of Hackman’s Apollo 13 was a blast.


Apollo 13: Mission Control | Hackman

Australian Stage | Julia Hern | 21 February 2011

Although I am aware how the story ends, I can’t deny my hairs stood on end as I heard those words “Odyssey, this is Houston, do you read us? Over ” repeated during that tense 2 minutes when Mission Control clung to hope that they had done enough to bring the astronauts home alive.


Apollo13: Mission Control

ABC Perth | Victoria Laurie | 21 February, 2011

You'll swear you've wandered onto the combined set of Star Trek and Thunderbirds when you hear lines like 'Sir, we have a dying ship." I strongly urge you all to sign up for this blast into the past.


Theatre Review: Apollo 13: Mission Control

The West Australian | ROBIN PASCOE | February 22, 2011

This production is an excellent proving ground for the Studio Underground. It is unlike anything else in the Festival. You need to come prepared to play the drama as it unfolds - and when you do the rewards are thrilling.


Apollo 13 rumbles into Tacoma

Seattle Astronomy | December 22, 2012

Several dozen of us journeyed back to 1970 Thursday evening and helped bring Apollo 13 safely back to Earth after one of its oxygen tanks exploded en route to the Moon. Our time machine was the set of Apollo 13: Mission Control, an interactive theater event


APOLLO 13: Mission Control

Catch The Winds | January 10, 2013

As kids, we all dream of becoming astronauts and traveling to outer space when we grow up. Tonight was probably the closest I will ever get, and it was amazing!


THEATER — Apollo 13 

The Inlander | Joe O'Sullivan | January 15, 2013

And, oh, it’s a raucous ride, full of humor and banter and flashing lights..


"Apollo 13: Mission Control" is a blast

Winston-Salem Journal | Susan Gilmor | January 27, 2013

I've never been to a show quite like this, with so much interaction between the actors and the audience. It was dynamic, wonderfully creative and a ton of fun. In short, it was a blast.


Apollo 13 Mission Control Premiers in Winston-Salem

Camel City Dispatch | Chad Nance | January 28, 2013

This was a one of a kind theater experience in which the patrons here do not sit passively by to watch the narrative unfold, but are instead a part of the drama itself, making choices, interacting with the performers, and experiencing the adventure as an active audience.