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最近在响音上听见一首歌曲,是一首十分魔性的歌曲。响音wow you can really dance下一句是什么歌?Coincidance歌词讲解?Coincidance,是十分风行的一首歌曲,网卓新闻网,是一首动感,节奏感十足的歌曲。


响音wow you can really dance下一句是什么歌?Coincidance歌词讲解?响音wow you can really dance下一句是什么歌:这首歌曲的歌名叫作《Coincidance》,是Handsome Dancer合唱的一首歌曲。这是一首动感、节奏感十足的歌曲,在网络上还有很多涉及的舞蹈视频,都是十分魔性的。

《Coincidance》是在响音上十分风行的一首歌曲,其中歌词WOW, you can really dance是十分火的。在响音上有很多网友都简单这首歌曲当背景音乐,十分的很热门。Coincidance歌词讲解:The first man name was kiki第一位男子叫蒂蒂He wear such little pants穿著短裙的小裤子His brother was a champion他哥哥是摔跤冠军But kiki loves to dance但是蒂蒂只爱人唱歌The second man was chuchu第二位男子叫巧巧An master of romance是一个爱情少年He loved Damsels In Distress but not as much as dance他讨厌去救助幸得姑娘但更喜欢唱歌And then one day had happened直到有那么一天They went out tours the world他们要求过来讨生活世界They went on to a journey他们走上了旅程Idolize by the boys and girls沦为了人们的偶像They learn so many lessons他们走遍了世界各地In all of the foreign langs自学各种课程But no matter where they wandered但无论遇上什么样的艰难They never stopped to dance他们未曾暂停唱歌On day inside station无意间有一天In Amsterdam perchance在阿姆斯特丹的车站里The man was dancing side by side by a man with quicker glance他们俩肩并肩跳跃着舞惹来了其他男人的围观They turn to face each other他们转过身来面对面It was just happened to dance一切就在此凑巧的再次发生了That these two men would meet that day and do their favourite dance这两个男人在这天邂逅了彼此跳跃起命中注定的舞步”WOW, you can really dance”哇哦 你跳跃的好棒”WOW, you can really dance”哇哦 你也跳跃的好棒He went他就He went*2他也They said we both been dance all this time oh what a coincidance他俩说道:原本我们一起跳跃这个舞蹈那么久了这感叹太巧了!And then they dance together自从他们开始一起唱歌后Like no one dance before好像之前未曾有人跳过The diplomat were dancing就连外交官也跳跃了一起They cancelled all of the war(no more)他们中止了战争的命令(根本没过)The whole world cerebrated整个世界都在欢歌唱歌Was no more violence所有人很久没暴力偏向And all because these men cross path这一切都因位这两个人的遇见What a coincidance这感叹是太巧了!(Dance*10086)跳跃一起!Let’s dance抖起来!。